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fucking common sense people!

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Thought I told you not to trust these hoes…

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Thought I told you not to trust these hoes 
Say they love you, when you know they don’t 
Say they will, but shit, you know they won’t 
Yeah, you hear me, you don’t feel me, though 
And you are not the only one… 
- Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)

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Happy First Anniversary The Mrs Carter Show World Tour!

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Hello yes guys plz answer…..why yall cum after 2 strokes


so i can get back to hoopin #ballislife

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Funny girls like you don’t get boyfriends. Funny girls like you get boys who are friends who want to date your boring pretty friends but also have you around to make them laugh. —My mother - selawa  (via morningsuns)

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Happy 20th Birthday ⇨ Rodriguez “Jacquees” Broadnax (April 15, 1994)

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